By Jessica Miller, Published on Dec 8, 2019

Unless you have the ability to splash the cash on a new restaurant reservation every single day, there’s a high chance that you head into your kitchen and cook on a regular basis. While you might struggle to think of new and exciting dishes to try, most people know that a delicious meal is only the click of a remote control away. After all, the world of television is full of celebrity chefs who are willing to share their recipes, show off their talent, or even judge the cooking skills of others.

Yes, there are countless celebrity chefs in this world, but have you ever wondered how much money they really make? It seems as though the food world is a lucrative business, and these chefs have the chance to expand their empire into television shows, cookbooks, restaurants, merchandise, and so much more. Don’t believe us? Just check out these ridiculously rich celebrity chefs.

Charlie Ayers

Charlie Ayers’s story is legendary, as his road to stardom was all thanks to the success of Google. Starting out as the chef within the then-small-time company, his reputation and his cooking skills blew up when the internet search engine became one of the most-used engines in the world.

While he has since left the company to expand his own empire and start his own restaurants, there’s no doubt about the fact that he still credits Google for his success. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills and the fact that he invested a huge amount of money into Google when it was first starting out, his net worth has grown and grown as the years have gone by. In fact, it’s believed that he is now worth around $20 million – an impressive feat for any celebrity chef.

Gail Simmons

This Canadian beauty has been in the food world for decades, and she first dipped her toe into the world of culinary goodness when she worked as a food journalist. After writing about food, Gail realized that she also wanted to cook herself, so she enrolled at a cooking school and learned everything she could about the business.

Gail Simmons in the kitchen with the Plated Culinary team. Chicken Schnitzel with Mediterranean Salad

It wasn’t long before her expertise and her ability to judge the cooking of others allowed her the chance to take on a role in the hit television show, Top Chef. She has since worked on various spinoffs and other food shows, and she has also continued to work as a food writer and cookbook author. Thanks to this hard work and presence, she has amassed a net worth of $2.5 million. That’s pretty good going.

Bobby Flay

Let’s be honest; Bobby Flay is kind of a big deal. This American chef has a huge amount of cooking talent under his belt, but it’s fair to say that his on-screen flair has also given him the chance to expand his food empire even further. Not only has he taken part in countless Food Network shows, but he has also appeared on many other cooking shows in an attempt to showcase his talent.

This has certainly worked in his favor, and also allowed himself the chance to build a restaurant resume longer than we can even explain. With several restaurants and chains under his belt – including Bobby’s Burger Palace, which can now be found in 19 locations – he has amassed a huge fortune. Around $30 million, if you want to be specific.

Ina Garten

Many of the celebrity chefs on this list were taught in prestigious culinary schools, but that wasn’t the case for Ina Garten. She taught herself how to whip up delicious meals and recipes, and this allowed her the chance to truly excel in her field. After opening up her own gourmet food store called the Barefoot Contessa, Ina’s brand expanded even more…

She was then offered the chance to host her own show on the Food Network, write cookbooks and magazine columns, and even create products to be sold in stores across the country. The Barefoot Contessa name is known as one of the most well-known names in the food industry, and it’s definitely helped her build up an impressive net worth for herself. Today, her net worth stands at around $50 million.